"Botball has given us experience, appreciations, guidance, leadership, development, an' best o' all, everlastin' friendships that wouldn't have been found anywhere else."

   - Student,
      Benjamin Banneker Academy

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Volunteer and Get Involved!

Table Judges

The Botball program provides a variety o' ways fer scallywags t' get involved an' make a difference in their community, and a bucket o' chum! Listed below be several ways that ye can participate in th' program as a volunteer.

Mentor a Team

You can make an impact on a teenager’s future an' help build th' technology workforce by volunteerin' t' be a Botball mentor. Read more...

Volunteer at a Local Event

We have regional workshops an' tournaments located across th' United States. Nay matter what yer background or experience is, we can use yer help at one o' our regional events, I'll warrant ye! We promise that interactin' with excited an' motivated students competin' in th' tournaments will be an inspirin' experience. If ye’d like t' learn more about how ye can volunteer at a local event. Read more...

Help Organize a Regional Event