"Botball takes the promising math or science student and challenges them to become more."

   - Becky Ann,
      Team Mentor

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Autonomous Robots!

No remote controls are needed. Autonomous robots are robots that can perform desired tasks in unstructured environments without continuous human guidance.

Where is the Driver?

There is no driver! The robot's actions are based on information from the sensors, combined with the computer program written by the students in advance. Botball robots are completely autonomous and rely on this computer programming to start, stop, and maneuver on the game board. Each robot uses sensors to detect changes in light, distance, color, and parameters.

Why Robots?

In order for students to transfer and apply the information and skills they learn in school, they must be able to use that knowledge in a way that is meaningful to them. By designing, building, programming, and documenting robots, students use science, engineering, technology, math, and language arts skills in a collaborative hands-on project that reinforces their learning.