“I went to the Botball workshop knowing very little about programming and came out with a working robot that I programmed myself.”

   - Creighton Edington,

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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2011 New York / New Jersey Regional Tournament Results

Results for


1 Peddie School (11-0313)
2 Xavier High School (11-0010)
3 Regis High School (11-0114)
4 Peddie School (11-0325)

Outstanding Documentation

Outstanding Online Documentation Peddie School (11-0313)
Outstanding Online Documentation Regis High School (11-0114)
Outstanding Onsite Presentation Regis High School (11-0114)
Outstanding Onsite Presentation Peddie School (11-0313)

Double Elimination

1 Peddie School (11-0313)
2 Thurgood Marshall Academy (11-0214)
3 Xavier High School (11-0010)
4 Regis High School (11-0114)


1 Peddie School (11-0313)
2 Peddie School (11-0325)
3 Xavier High School (11-0010)

Alliance Challenge

1st Place Alliance Match MMI Preparatory School (11-0267) and
Randolf High School (11-0354)

Judges' Choice Trophies

Overall Judges' Choice Peddie School (11-0313)
KISS Award MMI Preparatory Academy (11-0267)
Outstanding Middle School Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School (11-0005)
Spirit of Botball The Young Women's Leadership School (11-0467)

Judges' Choice Certificates

Outstanding Engineering Regis High School (11-0114)
Best Use of Micro Servos Peddie School (11-0325)
Outstanding Programming Thurgood Marshall Academy (11-0124)
Most Promising Design Renaissance Charter School (11-0084)
Spirit Award Dover High School (11-0466)
Outstanding Rookie Team Hillside High School (11-0464)
Outstanding Basic Design IS 123 (11-0465)
Most Effective Strategy Xavier High School (11-0010)
Effective Line Following Rahway High School (11-0240)

Complete Results