"These are the sort of things that 10, 12, 15 years ago computer science PhDs were working on, and now you've got 12, 14, 15 year old students doing it."

   - David Lavery,
      Solar System Explorations, NASA

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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2011 Florida Regional Tournament Results

Results for


1 Fletcher High School Robotics (11-0073)
2 Bishop Kenny High School (11-0110)
3 Harare International School Team 1 (11-0100)

Double Elimination

1 Fletcher High School Robotics (11-0073)
2 Harare International School Team 1 (11-0100)

Outstanding Documentation

Outstanding Online Documentation Mainland High School (11-0276)


1 Bishop Kenny High School (11-0110)
2 Fletcher High School Robotics (11-0073)

Judges Choice Awards

Overall Judges' Choice Mainland High School (11-0276)
KISS Award Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (11-0157)
Outstanding Middle School Landrum Middle School (11-0177)
Spirit of Botball Harare International School Team 2 (11-0463)
Outstanding Engineering Bishop Kenny High School (11-0110)
Outstanding Programming Fletcher High School Robotics (11-0073)
Outstanding Overall Design Nease Robotics Team 2 (11-0055)