"My former Botball students are in engineering or computer science programs at University of Illinois, Washington University in St. Louis, Notre Dame, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, to name a few."

   - Scott,
      High School Teacher

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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2014 Qatar Regional Tournament Results

Here are the results for:

Overall Winners

The Overall winners for Botball are determined by Double Elimination rank, Seeding Round scores and Online and Onsite Documentation scores.

1 DPS-Modern Indian School (14-0429)
2 Doha College (14-0282)
3 Hayah International Academy - Egypt (14-0270)
4 Hamza Prep. Independent School for Boys (14-0288)
5 American School Of Doha (14-0306)

Double Elimination

Robots from two different teams compete on the game board simultaneously in an effort to score as many points as possible, but also to keep their opponent from scoring. Double Elimination placement makes up about one-third of the overall Botball score.

1 Al Ruya Bilingual School - Kuwait (14-0293)
2 Hayah International Academy - Egypt (14-0270)
3 Doha Independent Secondary School (14-0284)
4 Doha College (14-0282)


In the Seeding Rounds, team's run their robots unopposed and attempt to score the most points possible. Seeding round scores determine initial placement in the Double Elimination bracket and account for about one-third of each team's overall score.

1 DPS-Modern Indian School (14-0429)
2 Al Ruya Bilingual School - Kuwait (14-0293)
3 Hamza Prep. Independent School for Boys (14-0288)
4 Doha College (14-0282)

Complete Results