"My former Botball students are in engineering or computer science programs at University of Illinois, Washington University in St. Louis, Notre Dame, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, to name a few."

   - Scott,
      High School Teacher

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Pictures and Video

Botball Pictures at Flickr

We use the Flickr photo-sharing site to publish images from Botball events. Check out our latest photos, or share yours in the official Botball Flickr Group

Botball Videos

Botball on SportsTalk: a short segment on Botball and the 2008 International Botball Tournament that aired on Cox Media's SportsTalk program.

Botball 2007: The National Conference: a video about Botball and the National Conference on Educational Robotics was created for NASA TV using footage from the 2007 National Conference on Educational Robotics in Hawaii.

Botball is... (small, about 16MB)

Botball Impact

Botball Perspectives

Botball Game Videos

2014 Botball Game Video - Assistive Robotics

2013 Botball Game Video - Mars Sample Return

2012 Botball Game Video - Reef Renewal!

2011 Botball Game Video - Upgrading Botville Airport to run on Biofuels!

2010 Botball Game Video - Disaster at Lake Karel Čapek! Cleaning up the environment after an oil spill.

2009 Botball Game Video - Fueling the Future! The search for clean energy to power Robopolis.

2008 Botball Game Video - Space disaster! Can Botguy save the space station crew from a deadly solar flare?

2007 Botball Game Video - The volcano is about to erupt! Can Botguy harvest his crop of pineapples and protect his home in time?

Tournament Videos

2006 National Tournament Final Round Video: this clip was captured by a volunteer at the 2006 National Conference on Educational Robotics.

2003 Northern California Botball: Created by NASA Ames Research Center

Student Videos

Botball 2007: Hawaii or BUST!: a student produced documentary from the Mann Middle School Botball Team in San Diego, California on their 2007 Botball Season. ( requires at least QuickTime 7. If you have trouble viewing this video, you can download an alternate version that should work with older copies of QuickTime.)

Botball: Sport of Kings: A Botball Video of the 2001 Nationals by Independent filmmaker Bob Milstein.

Botball 2002 National Robotics Education Conference:: A Botball Video of the 2002 Nationals by Independent filmmaker Bob Milstein

Viewing these movies requires the free QuickTime movie player