"Botball takes th' promisin' math or science student an' challenges them t' become more."

   - Becky Ann,
      Team Mentor

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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2012 - 2013 Oklahoma Botball Robotics Grant

The Oklahoma State Department o' Education in partnership with Botball® will provide grants up t' $2,200 per school t' facilitate recent start-up an' existin' Botball® team opportunities, with a chest full of booty. Click anywhere ye see th' word application t' get t' th' grant application form.

Eligible recipients:

Oklahoma public schools includin' charter schools

Grant funds may be used fer:

Botball® Educational Robotics Program (Botball®)
Ages-Middle School thru High School

For more information on th' 2013-2014 OKSDE Botball® grant, visit th' Oklahoma State Department o' Education website at: ok.gov/sde/oksde-botball-grant

2014 Botball® Game Video

This season, Botguy's triumphant homecomin' from th' Mars Sample Return mission is in danger. Botguy needs assistance t' re-acclimate his body t' Earth after spendin' months in th' zero gravity o' space.The mission debrief team is workin' with a state-o'-th'-art physical therapy facility t' restore Botguy's physique, an' th' world space community is callin' upon ye t' develop new assistive robot technologies.

Welcome t' Botball 2014.