"These are the sort of things that 10, 12, 15 years ago computer science PhDs were working on, and now you've got 12, 14, 15 year old students doing it."

   - David Lavery,
      Solar System Explorations, NASA

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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2015 Regional Teams:


2015 Regional Workshop:

2015 Regional Tournament:

Greater Los Angeles

Botball Teams
Covina High School (15-0276)
Covina, CA
CVBB (15-0070)
Indio , CA
Garden Street Academy (15-0401)
Santa Barbara, CA
Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union School (15-0207)
Lake Hughes, CA
JGMS (15-0036)
Indio, CA
La Quinta High School (15-0152)
La Quinta, CA
MG - JGMS (15-0037)
Indio, CA
North Hollywood High School (15-0199)
North Hollywood, CA
Polytechnic School (15-0025)
Pasadena, CA
Providence High School (15-0412)
Burbank, CA
Reach Robotics (15-0174)
Lancaster, CA
South Pasadena Unified (15-0475)
South Pasadena , CA
Telesis Academy (15-0165)
West Covina, CA
WISH Charter Middle (15-0044)
Los Angeles, CA