"My former Botball students are in engineering or computer science programs at University of Illinois, Washington University in St. Louis, Notre Dame, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, to name a few."

   - Scott,
      High School Teacher

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Your Robots

Construction Materials

The kit materials vary from year to year, but each year's kit includes a variety of LEGO building materials, compatible metal parts, an iRobot Create platform, and a variety of screws, nuts, and bolts and other materials.

Motors & Gears

A variety of servos and motors are provided with each year's kit, as well as the necessary wires for controlling them from the controller, and assorted gears to increase or decrease motor force and speed as needed by the design of your robots. These serve as the "muscles" of your robot, and will be used to maneuver your robot, lift reaching arms, close grasping claws, and otherwise power the tools you give it for playing the Botball game.


Along with the integrated camera, a variety of analog and digital sensors are provided with your Botball kit. The included sensors will allow your robots to "see" the starting light, measure the distance to various objects, find objects of specific colors, and collect all the other information that they will need to succeed in the Botball arena. (Pictured to the left is the Sonar Range Finder.)

Programmable Robotics Controllers

Each year, the Botball kit includes 2 Robotics Controllers. These controllers serve as the "brain" for Botball robots, storing programs that your team has written to control your robots actions in the game. Programs running on these controllers can take input from a variety of sensors, and control a variety of motors and servos to maneuver your robot through the challenges of the Botball game.

Programming for Botball

Botball teams write programs to control their robots in a language called C. You can download the latest version of the KISS Platform from the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics Website.

If you are new to computer programming, don't worry, the Botball Educator Workshop at the beginning of the season will get you started.