"These are the sort of things that 10, 12, 15 years ago computer science PhDs were working on, and now you've got 12, 14, 15 year old students doing it."

   - David Lavery,
      Solar System Explorations, NASA

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Fundraising and Promotions

Fundraising for Botball

Take a look at the Team Funding section of our web site for fundraising ideas, grant opportunities, sample letters to sponsors, and other suggestions.

Promotions 101

Media coverage can boost the impact of your Botball activities. Before you contact the media, do some research and find out which news outlets and reporters to contact and have a plan!

You may have parents of team members who are willing to help gather resources and prepare some of the publicity materials you need. You may even have parents with personal contacts at local media outlets so be sure to ask! Hopefully these tips will help you put together a media contact list that earns your Botball team great media coverage.

Make a List

Call local newspapers, television, and radio stations. Ask for the reporter’s name that covers your issue, (most likely education or technology). Also make sure to confirm contact information. Once you know whom to contact in the media, make a list with their names, phone and fax numbers, and snail and email addresses. That way you can contact and send them information when you are ready.

Come up with a Story

Think about what you would like to see about your team on television or in the newspaper. For example: Did your team do any unique fundraising for the project? Have your students enjoyed learning the practical applications of math, science, engineering, and technology? Did your team achieve their goals or strategy?

Get the Word Out

Now it is time to put the media list to work! Prioritize your list and relax. You should have no problems conveying your team’s Botball story to the media if you have enthusiasm about your pitch. And remember, excitement is contagious; get excited and the journalist will too.

Interview and Invite

There are two options for your pitch: you can ask the reporter to interview you and the team over the phone or you can invite the reporter to come and see the team in action (during practice, a meeting, or at the tournament). Offer both and let them choose.

Send Information and a Press Release

After you call, send your contacts materials about the Botball Program, your team, and your school. You can also send them a press release about your pitch. To download a sample press release, click here or take a look at the Botball Press Room. To request Botball publicity materials, please contact us at outreach@kipr.org.