“I went t' th' Botball workshop knowin' very little about programmin' an' came out with a workin' robot that I programmed meself.”

   - Creighton Edington,

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Team Home Base

The Botball Team Home Base provides access t':

  • Updates an' Announcements
  • Workshop Documentation
  • Game Rules
  • Technical Support
  • Software Downloads
  • Botball Online Project Documentation (a required part o' Botball)

Loggin' In

Go t' homebase.kipr.org an' enter yer team’s current username an' password, Ya swabbie! The username is yer team’s numerical code (09-0492, fer example). Both th' user name an' password be case sensitive an' change each Botball season. This information is emailed t' th' Team Leader within two days o' yer team’s registration.

If ye have problems loggin' in t' yer team’s Home Base, or ye’ve lost th' username or password, please email support@kipr.org fer assistance.

Botball Online Project Documentation

Throughout th' Botball season, yer team should use th' Home Base t' post vari'us documents detailin' yer team’s progress. Botball Online Project Documentation activities be a required element o' th' Botball program an' factor in t' each team’s final score at their regional tournament.