“I went to the Botball workshop knowing very little about programming and came out with a working robot that I programmed myself.”

   - Creighton Edington,

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Get Started!

After registering for Botball, you should get acquainted with the basics of the program and important information for the current season. By knowing what to expect, you can get a head start on planning for Botball before the new season.

Welcome to Botball

If you're wondering, "I'm registered, now what?", you can follow this guide for a tour of how the program works.

Learn The Basics

Learn about deadlines, attendance requirements, tournament expectations and other important details.

Organize Your Team

There are a variety of ways to organize a Botball team. Here are some basics on recruiting and structuring a new Botball team.

Fundraise and Get the Word Out

Let your community know about your Botball team. Media coverage can help with fundraising and recruiting, as well as boosting the impact of your Botball experience.

Gather Your Equipment

Botball doesn't require any special tool, and the required software is provided, but you will need a few basics.

Check out the Team Home Base

You will use the Team Home Base to submit required documentation, download software, get technical support and more.

Meet Your Robot

Before the workshop, you can get started by learning what will be included in your kit and downloading the latest version of our software.

Get Tips from Teams

Botball is a fun and flexible way for students to learn and as such, teams have implemented the program in a number of ways. Here are some creative ideas from Botball teams and team leaders.


Be sure to check out our sister website, http://botballprogramming.org/, for an introductory course in programming Botball robots!

Have Fun

Good luck and have a great season!