"Botball has given us experience, appreciations, guidance, leadership, development, and best of all, everlasting friendships that wouldn't have been found anywhere else."

   - Student,
      Benjamin Banneker Academy

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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New this year! Snap Raise is helping Botball teams raise money! To get started, go to snap-raise.com/signup/ or contact one of the Snap Raise Botball Account Managers at:

Snap is a social donation platform that helps your Botball team raise money to support your participation. The average student raises $335.00 for their effort with no selling of any products. Everything is fully tracked and automated to make your team leaders lives easier. Each Botball team that works with Snap helps to build a custom Botball Snap page! (details above). Each team leader will have full time support and a dedicated account manager. You will also have access to real time tracking of fundraiser analytics, options for team based incentive gear, and an automated thank you with the tax ID number attached to a tax deductible receipt sent to each supporter on your behalf.

This fundraiser takes less than 10 minutes worth of effort per student and no effort on behalf of the team leader. You are busy enough! Your dedicated account manager will help you set up a strategic plan for your group to maximize dollars raised and minimize effort put out. Pages are secure and only viewable by those who you reach out to. All of your contacts are strictly private and protected. Snap does NOT sell your information or the information of your supporters.

Many teams choose to do fundraising activities to help raise money for their club or Botball team. Remember, timing is always an issue when it comes to successful fundraising.

Remember that some districts require teachers to submit fundraising plans in the spring for the next school year! Your team should begin raising funds at a time that is appropriate, keeping in mind the competition you will have from other school clubs. For those interested in creative fundraising ideas, download the "Creative Fundraising" document below.

Click here to download the "Creative Fundraising" guide