"I firmly believe that Botball is the reason why I am an engineering student today."

   - Anna,
      Rensselaer Polytechnic Student

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Engineering Tools

The Botball game kit provides various parts and pieces that get you going toward building a working robot.

The kit includes an iRobot® Create robot base (similar to the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner), LEGO® pieces, compatible metal parts, motors, servos, a multitude of sensors, two cameras for use with the built in computer vision system, and all the tools required so that students can complete the mechanical construction of their robots without the need for power tools or a machine shop. This helps level the playing field amongst competitors with different access to these resources.

Teams receive their reusable robotics kit at the workshop along with software and documentation. They also receive detailed information regarding the current year's game. Participants will actually use their robotics kit to build and program a demonstration robot at the workshop. Following the workshop, students are given 7-9 weeks to:

  • Design, create and program 2 autonomous robots using components from the Botball kit
  • Document their innovation and creativity online through the Team Home Base
  • Connect with various students, teachers, roboticists, and hobbyists in the Botball community