"Botball has given us experience, appreciations, guidance, leadership, development, and best of all, everlasting friendships that wouldn't have been found anywhere else."

   - Student,
      Benjamin Banneker Academy

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Fall Botball Contest

The Botball season begins each year in the fall with an optional contest. These events vary from season to season.

Check out the NASA Student challenges at http://robotics.nasa.gov/students/challenge.php There are three challenges there which can be tried with any Botball demo robot or a simple robot!

Previous Botball Events

In 2012 teams were asked to prepare educational, promotional or instructional videos related to robotics projects or future endeavors. The videos ranged from making Botball better to how Botball has inspired them to improve the world around them using robotics. Here is a video from one of those submitted.

The KIPR Video Showcase

The KIPR Video Showcase was an optional activity that sought to recognize the awesome work being done by the educational robotics community, to inspire new projects, and to share knowledge and resources for robotics related STEM activities. Here are a few of the videos created by some of our Botball teams.

The Research and Design Website Challenge

The Research and Design Website Challenge was an optional activity held in the fall. Each year's contest provided students with a topic and then gave them an opportunity to engage in research and web design as they created original solutions to address global challenges. Past challenges were based on the following topics:

  • Feeding the World - Saving the Environment (2007)
  • Robotics in Lunar Exploration (2006)
  • Household Robots (2005)