"Botball has given us experience, appreciations, guidance, leadership, development, and best of all, everlasting friendships that wouldn't have been found anywhere else."

   - Student,
      Benjamin Banneker Academy

Smart Robots. Smarter Students!
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Botball Community

The Botball Community website is a new social network for current and former Botball participants to meet and hang out, discuss Botball and robotics technology in general, or just have a good time.

It is a project of the Botball Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and the KISS Institute for Practical Robotics.

Want to get involved and help make Botball better? You might want to join the 2013 Botball Youth Advisory Council!

Our projects have included the Botball Community website, the Botball Twitter and Facebook pages, better documentation for new Botball teams, the Live-Blog Challenge, Botball Live, video compilations of Botball events, interacting with the media, legislators, and industry to promote Botball, assisting KIPR with planning expansion and promotion of Botball, design and management of GCER student activities, and many other projects.

At the Botball Community website, you can:

  • Discuss Botball related topics in the forums
  • Chat online with other Botballers
  • Read and post in-depth articles about Botball
  • Live-Blog Challenge: read blogs from the Global Conference on Educational Robotics
  • See more information about YAC and the Botball Community site (history/guidelines/rules/FAQ)

Go to community.botball.org