"My former Botball students are in engineering or computer science programs at University of Illinois, Washington University in St. Louis, Notre Dame, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, to name a few."

   - Scott,
      High School Teacher

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GCER 2014 Alliance Matches


If you would like to contact your alliance partners before tomorrow morning you can text or call Marci Corey at 405-923-4503 or email mcorey@kipr.org and she can provide contact info for your alliance partners.

Every team that is eliminated from the Double Elimination Tournament on Saturday, August 2nd is eligible to participate in the Alliance Matches on Sunday, August 3rd. Alliance Matches are scheduled concurrently with the Double Elimination Finals. Please read through the following guidelines and plan to participate in the Alliance Matches if you are not in the Double Elimination Finals!

  1. The alliance manager will match your team with another team and the alliance partners will be posted in and around the tournament arena, the Radisson Ballroom and the Team Home Base by 5 pm on Saturday, August 2nd. That team will be your partner for alliance matches. (We will not take requests for alliance partners.)
  2. It is CRITICAL that you make contact with your alliance partners BEFORE the matches on Sunday. When you sign up for the alliance matches we will collect a cell phone number from one person on each team so contact can be made. The alliance manager can provide you with the contact number for your alliance partners if needed.
  3. We STRONGLY recommend that you plan on practicing with your alliance partner during open practice form 8 am – 10 am and/or from 12:30 pm – 2 pm on Sunday, August 3rd.
  4. Read through the general guidelines listed below.


  • You are allowed one robot from EACH alliance team. (Two robots total, one from each team.)
  • It’s fine for both teams to choose their Create robot – any combination is allowed for the Alliance Challenge as long as you use one from each team.
  • You can start the robots in any combination of starting boxes on the entire board.
  • Scoring is identical to seeding rounds where the two robots try to score as many points as possible per round. The points are added together and the winner will be the highest score of any one run (not an average). Ties will be broken by previous round scores.
  • All alliance teams will be a MINIMUM of two rounds. DO NOT disassemble your robot and leave the venue after the first round!
  • Trophies will be presented at the Awards Ceremony for the alliance match top finishers!